Kouncil 1.7 is compatible with more versions of Kafka than the previous version of the application. Schema Registry, which is connected with the Kafka cluster, has also seen improvements.


Kouncil 1.7 allows you to connect Kafka hosted on a cloud solution from Amazon - Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK).

All you need is the appropriate configuration and connection URLs to the brokers on the Kafka cluster in the Kouncil configuration file.

Schema Registry

In Kouncil 1.7, you can connect Schema Registry secured with SSL and/or basic authentication. You only need a proper cluster configuration that includes Schema Registry settings.

We will discuss both topics in more detail in upcoming articles.


If you are interested in checking sample configurations, take a look at our documentation: Advanced config - AWS MSK Kafka cluster and Advanced config - SSL Schema registry, or Advanced config - Schema registry SSL and BASIC Authentication.

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Translation by Justyna Wiatrzyk-Guzik