In the latest version of Kouncil 1.8, we have introduced several new features:

  • topic and schema management
  • support for logical types in AVRO schemas
  • ability to configure the context path for Kouncil’s user access
  • replacement of all text editors with the Monaco editor

Topic management

Kouncil version 1.8 allows you to fully manage topics, from creating and editing to deleting them.

Adding a new topic Adding a new topic

Managing schemas

Additionally, with Kouncil 1.8, you can manage schemas assigned to these topics.

List of created schemas List of created schemas

Schema details for an exemplary user-reports topic Schema details for an exemplary user-reports topic


We’ve refreshed the documentation to enhance its clarity and readability.

We’ve also added a page with solutions to frequently encountered issues.

To see the full range of Kouncil’s capabilities, download the app from our GitHub.

We also encourage you to test the application and submit comments via the contact form or on our GitHub.

Translation by Justyna Wiatrzyk-Guzik